Your Child's Day

Every day at Learn. Connect. Play. Foundation Preschool is a new adventure. Below is a sample of a day in the life of a Learn. Connect. Play Preschooler. 



9:00 TO 9:45 AM

Morning Greetings & Child Choice of Activities: Puzzles, Blocks, Sensory Activities and Pretend Play. We offer parents a comfy chair to sit, cuddle or just hang out for a bit on those difficult to transition days so you and your child start the day off on a positive note.

9:45 to 10:00 AM

Our day continues with our morning circle. We warm up with dance/movement and follows with lively songs with gestures or movement such as Itsy Bitsy Spider; Five Little Monkeys, or Row, Row Your Boat. After we are energized and ready to learn, we read a book and a math, writing activity supports the book’s theme. Then we end with a quick recap of what we did. This format is much like exercising, there’s a warm-up, the hard part and the cool down. We dance, sing, read, talk and write.


10:00 to 10:40 AM

Then we go outside or play in the gymnasium. In the gymnasium we focus on yoga, or dance movement, or we ride tricycles, or play group games such as “Duck, Duck, Goose”. Of course, the game is modified to reflect our monthly theme so during our ocean month it would be “Dolphin, Dolphin, Shark.”

Outside we also focus on gross motor skills such as riding a tricycle or throwing a ball. We have sensory activities where we might get dirty playing with water, dirt, bubbles, beans or shaving cream.

10:40 TO 11:00 AM

Snack Time! We refuel with a healthy snack. 


11:00 TO 11:30 AM

Small Group Activities: This is the time for individual choice. Your child can choose an art, math, science, or writing activity each day. All activities reflect our monthly theme so we use your child’s interest to deepen knowledge and skills. On Friday we cook! Our teachers will sometimes teach us new songs or dances or we will practice a play. We will often put on plays, songs and dances using our stage in the gymnasium.

11:30 TO 11:45 AM

Closing Group: This is the time we might add a brand new activity such as a song, nursery rhyme or game. Then we discuss what we did that day. Your child will help the teachers tell you what we did that day. Your child’s words and ideas will be written down on the white board outside our classroom.



11:45 AM to 12:00 PM

To close the day your child will draw, write or dictate to a teacher what happened. Every day, you can talk with your child about what he did using our whiteboard and his journal as a guide. This simple recap of the day builds thinking and language skills that will help in elementary school. Plus, it is fun and exciting to share in your child’s learning.

Because we are responsive to the needs of the children so our day follows this format but the times may vary slightly.