Learn. Connect. Play. Newsletter
We're Thankful for YOU! 

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Not a day goes by that we’re not thankful for the children and families we serve at Learn.Connect.Play. Preschool.  As we reach the midpoint of our second year of operation, we are so grateful for our wonderful staff and for our welcoming hosts on Marsh Street.  And of course we are extremely thankful for our many donors and supporters, without whom we could not do our work.

The new school year has been busy and productive!  Our free morning session is fully enrolled, and due to overwhelming demand we have added an afternoon session. Families have the option of enrolling in both the morning and afternoon session, giving their children a full day of high quality early education.


Even though we’re a small team, the high teacher to student ratio (1 teacher for every 4 students!) allows us to individualize instruction for all students. We use everyday routines and experiences to build language, academic concepts, imagination, creative thinking, and – most importantly – relationships!

Thanks to our highly trained, responsive staff, we’re now the highest scoring new program in our county, as rated by a Statewide Quality Assessment Measure.


Meet A Family


Ellie joined Learn. Connect. Play. a year ago. She was almost four years old and had almost no language. She used her body to communicate and solve all problems—pushing, shoving, running away, and hitting.  Now she is our Conflict Negotiator! She uses her language and other strategies to help work through problems.  She can say, “Here, you be first this time.” She is thriving and flourishing. She scores so high on our assessments we need another tool to measure her progress.

Last year Ellie’s family was experiencing considerable uncertainty. The parents were unemployed and faced several other problems. Ellie’s mom recently found her dream job, which is a blessing for her and the entire family. Unfortunately, due to the income from this new job, Ellie’s family no longer qualifies for our afternoon subsidized program, as determined by the State Department of Social Services. She earns a mere $100 more than the allowable limit.

To continue Ellie’s immense progress, her family would have to pay $700 a month out of pocket, an expense they cannot afford. We want to keep Ellie at Learn. Connect. Play. and we’re asking for your help. We need to raise $5,000, so that Ellie can continue to attend our high quality program through the academic year.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving and reflect on what we’re thankful for, please keep Ellie and Learn. Connect. Play in mind. We would be so thankful for your donation.

To donate to Learn. Connect. Play. click HERE or send your check to
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