Open Positions



The Preschool Program Director is responsible for the daily operation, administration and instruction of the preschool-age classroom and for creating an inviting, stimulating and safe learning environment. The Program Director’s duties includes creating a curriculum that is based in a solid understanding of child development, the DRDP, and individual differences of each child. The preschool curriculum will reflect the High Scope Curriculum, California Preschool Foundation and California Preschool Curriculum Frameworks.

The Program Director builds family connection through daily conversations, meetings, parent meetings and the parent education program. A strong relationship between the preschool team is vital to the success of the program.

The Program Director collaborates with the Executive Director, Associate Teachers, local/state agencies and the Board of Directors. Assessment and data collection to monitor children’s and the program success for funding opportunities is integral. 

Associate Teacher

The Associate Teacher assists the Director/Lead Teacher in creating an inviting, stimulating, and safe learning environment. A strong relationship between the Associate Teacher and the Lead Teacher is vital to the success of the program. As an early education professional, each Associate Teacher is expected to contribute to a working environment that is friendly, respectful, open and honest. All staff work together to share ideas and to develop joint projects and activities. Within the group, the Associate Teacher assists in providing quality care for children and in communicating with families.